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Marc Ros Rodriguez – Correction of Data that appears on Internet about me
Marc Ros Rodriguez – AuthorMarc Ros Rodriguez – Author

Corrections to internet reports.

WARNING: The situation is currently so bad that one man has been impersonating the Spanish Police and calling people in order to frighten them into giving him information. That in Spanish law is a very serious crime and is currently being reported so as to stop the individual concerned.

History:  When I was nearly 17 years old I left school. I got a job and obtained a mortgage which included a life insurance policy by lying about my age. I paid the mortgage but because I had lied about my age I had broken the law and I was sentenced to prison for having deceived the lender about my age and other relevant details.

The house was returned to the lender and sold. I was a child and paid for my crime. That was 24 years ago. That sentence was reduced on appeal. The case was notorious because Britain was suffering from a financial crisis at the time and most English people thought it funny that a 16 year old school boy was able to make a mockery of the “City”. As a result I was severely punished for my crime. I have paid my time and it is absurd to be paying for that again and again and again. It is now ancient history.

When I was 29 years old I was involved in a property business in Spain with my then business partner and was accused of having deceived my own company (I was a 50% shareholder). I was found guilty and sentenced again to prison this time in Spain. I served my time and made no gane from this offence. It is absurd that I should be made to pay time and time again for previous mistakes which I have already paid for. In fact it is against the Constitutional rights that citizens have in many European countries.

The term “Double Jeopardy” exists to prevent people from being tried twice for crimes. I am tried every day for my past on internet web sites by people who enjoy harassment which is in certain circumstances a crime in its self.

When I finished my sentence for the above crime I was extradited to the United Kingdom and acquitted for another accusation that had taken place many years before. As a result of this extradition I was made to serve 100% of the previous sentence instead of the normal 50%. Again paying double for the crime. In fact the majority of the sentence was served in Solitary Confinement as a result of having worked with the authorities whilst imprisoned. Spending years without seeing a single person is not a human way to exist.

Every man has a right to reinsertion in society and to be punished for his acts. Once that punishment has been completed its over. A person can never be punished again for that same crime. That is the law.

Since then I have been forced to change my name in order to get work. Having such a trial by internet on a daily basis makes it completely impossible to work. In the United Kingdom its perfectly legal to change ones name as many times and as often as one wants. In fact you can change your name for a day and then change it back. Foreign people find this very hard to understand but that is the law in the United Kingdom.

I have been tried and sentenced for my past. I had no choice but to change my name in 2009 from Mark Richard George Acklom because it was impossible to get work due to my past even in a self employed capacity. I have even lodged all name changes with a copy of the relevant passports with a Notary in Spain so as to be as transparent as possible.

Whenever I have become involved in a long term project I have explained the facts about my past to the people concerned. That is my right. Its also their right to accept those facts or to not work with me. Most accept them.

In 2010 I had my children and my life started to change. In 2012 I suffered a life threatening illness. My life changed again. I will not tolerate a life where I am permanently “on trial” by the internet.

Today I write books and try to recover from my illness. This is as a result of the constant harassment I suffer making it impossible to do anything else.

I managed to get work in the internet publicity sector but as a result of the internet reports about me that has also now failed. The prestige of the clients of the company I worked for being associated with my past, quite rightly, caused so much damage to them that they just find another contractor.

The reporting of the names of my innocent children who will have to live with the stigma of my past is repugnant. They go to school and when they are older will apply for jobs and will spend their lives suffering as a result of your actions. That is the worst part of this and that is the reason I will change my name how ever many times it takes in order to protect their privacy.

It is quite legal to change my name and theirs as many times as is required to protect them and to give them a chance in this world. All I ask is that I can be allowed to work in a dignified manner and to recover from my illness and see my children. I ask for no more.

Each time you attack me you destroy the businesses I work with and those in which I become a partner and as a result those businesses are forced to close (the small ones) leaving innocent people without work and the partners and / or my bosses with investment losses. Debts dont get paid and the business fails.

All this is created by the so called “righteous” people who love to write about me without ever knowing the facts. Recently I had to explain to my partners that we would have to close an internet business because of my past being associated with it. On that occasion it was extremely sad because the intention of that business was to create profits for a charity and in the end it ended up as a loss. There was no “fraud” or illegal activity involved. Like any business it relied on income. The investment made covered the first months of operations but without income all businesses, even the biggest ones, fail.

A business that is associated with my name will fail by definition. I suffer but that is what you want. What upsets me are the lives of all the innocent people who give their time to make these businesses work and end up unemployed due to your actions. That business failed and a new one was started in its place.

That business has now also failed as a result of the internet reporting by people who are not journalists and who do not abide by the moral code that journalists do. As a result of that failure the lives of the partners who all worked so hard to make that business become a reality have been tainted by my past. The lives of its employees and contractors have been affected. If that is what you want, to hurt innocent people by associating my past with the projects then fine, carry on. All you achieve is to ruin the dreams and illusions of innocent people.

I will now stop creating businesses and concentrate on writing books. Those books will, I am sure, be successful and they will follow the moral code that is so important in the unregulated world of internet. Some of those books will be about my life, others about you all and then you will see how publication of facts effects us all.

It is not surprising that so many people ask every day why the internet is not more strictly regulated. One day the internet will be regulated properly to stop this type of activity and the only people who are to blame will be you.


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