Internet Battle

As a result of the need by some for transparency in a way which only a President of a country actually needs to suffer I took the step of publishing the facts about my life. I have not mentioned names and will not ever. That is the work of my adversaries who do not hold the same level of respect for human life or dignity.

During the last few days I have received threats to ask me and demand that I stop my publications. That is easy. Once the adversaries remove all publications they have made I will do the same. Its very simple.

Apparently I must apologise to the parties involved? Perhaps those parties should pay the company the money they owe so that that company can pay its debts, apologise to me for all the actions they have taken and written, apologise to the partners in the businesses that have gone bust as a result of their actions, apologise for having threatened to kill me and my family if I dont “follow their instructions” and a big long endless etcetera.

For my part I sincerely apologise to the honrest decent father who regrettably didn’t share with his son the information I had disclosed to him in a very sincere and private manner. That man had the same illusions and enthusiasm as we all did to make this deal work. My past was irrelevant to him and should have been explained to his son by him. That is why I was never going to be a partner or shareholder in the deal. The fact that he didn’t means that he didn’t want his son to know. That is his fathers right and has nothing to do with me. The ball is now in his sons court to act in an honorable manner and make right the unfortunate misunderstandings that have occurred. All our reputations have been damaged by this and many innocent people have suffered unnecessarily. The sad part is that a real transaction may have been destroyed needlessly.

The Bible is clear on this. Dont try to take the splinter from someone else’s eye until you have taken the tree trunk from your own. Hypocrites. All of this was “Needless Destruction”. Never have I ever defended myself on the web until recently and that was only after my families life was physically threatened. If you want it to stop you know what to do.

My life was full enough before 2013 to write many fiction books, I dont need to include this destructive saga to write books.


About Marc Ros Rodriguez - Author

Marc Ros Rodriguez is now working as an Author who has come to London to have treatment for a life threatening illness. He is currently working on his autobiography which will be published later this year. He is also working on the production of a film script and a documentary.
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