Marc Ros Rodriguez – Author – Latest Book “Needless Destruction”

The latest book currently being written by the author Marc Ros Rodriguez and scheduled to be published latest this year is based on a true life experience but written as a fictional novel.

The book is set in Spain. The main character has suffered a serious medical condition and has gone to live in the warm climate of Alicante, Spain in order to recover and recuperate from his condition. Whilst there he rents a flat and becomes friends with who he believes to be the owner of the flat.

I say “who he believes” because in fact it turns out to be the flat he gave as a present to his son.  A deposit is paid as is usual along with a months rent and because the renter is “foreign” and as part of the discrimination shown by certain Spanish people to tourists as a matter of course (the Spanish rely on tourism for most of their GDP) a “guarantee is also demanded!! 15,000 euros is paid for a 2,300 euro a month flat and the contract is signed. The person signing the contract is the father and unbeknown to the renter he does not own the flat which is owned by the son.

The father owns a small industrial company in the Pais Vasco and the two become friends. As their friendship develops the renter explains more of his past and even takes the father with him to a court case he is involved with. It is as if the renter is the son the father has always wanted and the son becomes more and more jealous. As time goes on the renter and his business partner design a scheme that will bring a Formula 1 racing team to the Pais Vasco. The industrialist is friends with an important politician in the region and previously in the Pais Vasco another company had obtained grants to build a Formula 1 team along with the most amazing installation.  All was paid for with government money and ended up with a factory and no team as the company went bust. Quite complicated to do bearing in mind the amount of free backing they had but I guess thats the way it is sometimes.

The three men start to plan a scheme in which the installation can be offered to a first tear F1 team. The renters business partner is friends with a chap who works in the F1 company they are trying to attract and so he arranges a meeting. At the same time its obvios that the renter cannot appear in the negotiations due to his “past” and so all three agree that he will act as a translater and spokesperson and will not participate in any future company. The renter changes his name (legal in the United Kingdom) in order to protect the politician and the industrialist and they all go off to start the meetings and the negotiations.

As time goes by the industrialist and the renter become closer and closer and the son becomes more and more frustrated. He feels that he may lose his inheritance if something goes wrong. What he doesn’t know is that if the deal is successful his inheritance is secure. The one thing that the Pais Vasco does is manufacture amazing products but they cant sell to save their lives. The renter and his partner are of course excellent salesmen.

At this stage they need the help of a carbon fibre specialist and so a fourth man is bought in. The industrialist also involves other specialists and between them they produce a good presentation for the F1 team to consider. The one thing in F1 that makes or breaks a team is their ability to be ahead in aerodynamics. The one thing the Pais Vasco is brilliant at are aviation aerodynamics. If you can make a missile fly you can perfect an F1 car or at least that was the renters view. He thought that by involving the very best aviation aeronautical talent he could create an environment with the most advanced wind tunnels in the world. At the same time this type of facility would attract other big name companies to the area benefitting everyone involved. Whilst everyone involved was working like mad to perfect their parts of the presentation the son was working like mad to destroy the deal hence the title of the book “Needless Destruction”.

The book includes F1, Finance, Personalities of the F1 world, romance, luxury and sadness. Threats, harassment, even people who impersonated police offices to obtain information in an effort to destroy the renter and the people whom he asked to help in the business. It includes the needless destruction of those people along with a fight to expose the truth. That truth will put on trial the Spanish Justice system along with the corruption that is so rife in Spanish politics.

The book will be published later in the year and is set to set many tongues wagging!!!

9th June 2013

Marc Ros Rodriguez – Author


About Marc Ros Rodriguez - Author

Marc Ros Rodriguez is now working as an Author who has come to London to have treatment for a life threatening illness. He is currently working on his autobiography which will be published later this year. He is also working on the production of a film script and a documentary.
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