Impersonating a Police Officer

Recently we have seen how one man has been calling people and companies saying that he is a spanish police officer in order to obtain information about companies where i have worked and then publishing this information on internet. This is a very serious offence, more so when he also calls companies based in the UK from Spain which brings an international DIMENSION to the case. if his actions cause the BANKRUPTCY of the targeted people it adds another offence too. the total sentence would be higher than anything i have ever done. Quite remarkable how one man’s obsession can drive him to commit repeatedly offences in order to satisfy his obsession.   

Below are some examples of similar one off cases wheras in his case its a CONTINUOUS offence.

Six months for man guilty of impersonating a police officer

A 23 year old man has been sentenced to six months in prison after being found guilty of impersonating a police officer at Birmingham Magistrates Court on Wednesday 6 July 2011.

Officers arrested the man in February 2011 as part of an investigation into claims a female driver had been pulled over by a man in an unmarked vehicle claiming to be a police officer.

The female was driving along Chester Road, Castle Vale when she noticed a car behind her fitted with blue flashing lights in the front grill. She pulled over but after asking the male for identification became suspicious.

The male drove off and the female alerted a patrolling officer. As part of their investigations officers seized a Lexus motor vehicle which had been fitted with covert police style blue flashing lights.

On Wednesday 6 July 2011 the man was sentenced to six months for this offence.

Acting Superintendent Richard Youds from Birmingham North local policing unit said:

“Impersonating a police officer, however you do it or for whatever reason is a serious offence and we will take action against anyone doing so.

“After suspecting the male may not be a genuine officer the female driver acted in the ideal manner. She did not get out of her car and asked the man for identification. A short time later she alerted a patrolling officer and our investigation began.

“If you have any doubt about the person pulling you over remain in your vehicle and lock your doors. Ask for the officer’s identification and if you are still in doubt remain in the vehicle and call 999.”

This type of offence is repugnant and should be castigated with the full weight of the law. If we cant trust that it is the police in person or on the phone who can we trust? 


About Marc Ros Rodriguez - Author

Marc Ros Rodriguez is now working as an Author who has come to London to have treatment for a life threatening illness. He is currently working on his autobiography which will be published later this year. He is also working on the production of a film script and a documentary.
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