Clarification about Grupo Enorg SL debts

When the company that I worked for in Spain realised that it was not going to solve its financial situation as a result of the work done by the son that we have written about in previous blogs the company asked to leave a rental contract it had on a flat in Alicante so that it could recuperate the Guarantee money that was originally paid and use that money to pay some of its outstanding debts. As a result I was told to try to end the contract.

I contacted the man I believed to be the owner and who had signed the contract and was told that no problem. A few days later he said that in fact it was not his flat and that his son owned it!!! The very man who had spent months trying to destroy me and the business I was helping his father build. His father even knew I had been to prison because I had explained it fully to him. When I asked him how to handle his son at the time he explained that when one is older one has more experience and one knows what is important and what isn’t. His son had been involved with us at a first meeting and not since so I understood that he was no longer involved. In any event it was his fathers responsibility to inform his son or not. It was never my decision. It was obvious from the beginning that myself and the son would never see eye to eye. When I was 14 years old I started wok during the four months of holidays we had and paid for part of the cost of my education. Nothing was ever given to me. A man with that background will never see eye to eye with a man who has not experienced such matters.

We started to receive hostile calls in the early hours of the morning (2 am; 4 am; 6 am etc) and eventually we were threatened that if we did not leave the flat (we wanted to leave!!!) then some Rumanians would “deal” with us. That the son would “immediately travel to Alicante during the night to deal with the matter personally”; “Look at the internet to see what I am capable of”; “This will not end like this, my father has trusted a stranger instead of me”; “I have nothing left to lose”. They were threats of such a nature that I immediately informed the company and they informed their lawyers the next day. Those lawyers are currently suing the man concerned for the return of those funds which belong to the company and its creditors. They are also preparing a law suit against this man for harassment and threats of a deadly nature. He even published on his Facebook the “instructions” I was to follow!!! Earlier I wrote that fiction can sometimes be less amazing than real life and again I reiterate that. It was completely obscene especially when one considers that 2 young children were involved and indirectly threatened. I do not believe that this man has any intention of returning the companies funds. I was an employee and have lost my flat (company benefit) and wages as a result of this situation along with all the expenses that I was owed. Other members of staff have suffered similarly as a result of this mans actions. His obsession with the relationship I had with his father has lead him to act in this manner. His father even admitted that they had taken him to a psychiatrist some months ago as a result of his obsession with me. The worst part is the damage he has done to the business I worked for and the staff who are now unemployed as a result. The project we were trying to complete was hard enough as it was without all this!

The worst part is that he believed that I was trying to defraud in some way his father which is absurd considering that the company spent all its money paying his fathers expenses including some flights and tickets to F1 events etc. Amazing actions from someone trying to defraud the father. It was a simple matter of making a good business deal work which would have benefitted everyone. During the phone calls he even played tape recordings of conversations he had with his parents!! Imagine a man who stoops so low that he even records his parents!! One with his Dad said that “he didn’t care what he thought I am going to destroy him one way or another”. With the mother was “I have shown you what this man has done since he was 16” and she replied that “she couldn’t care less provided that he paid the rent”. Remarkable actions from anyone.

He even threatened to publish the video he supposedly made of the meeting in which his own father and his political friends were present. This man has obviously suffered greatly in his life or in his childhood and as a result the fact that I had a good close relationship with his father the son just could not handle it. All we wanted was to leave the flat a long time before he started any of this.  The reason to publish this is by way of background to the title of the book “Needless Destruction”. We were not trying to commit any type of illegal activity. We were introducing two parties together which would have ended up creating hundreds of direct jobs if not thousands of indirect jobs in a country that has such unacceptable unemployment. Not surprising that Spanish unemployment is so high if everyone acts in this way!! Thank God they dont! There are some very decent hard working Spanish people who are suffering as a result of their financial crisis.

My sorrow is for the people who will now have to wait in order to get paid as a result of the actions of this one man and for the children who lost their school as a result. No one can be expected to live in a town where a man like this is roaming loose. I have never been violent and I do not understand violence. I never will.


About Marc Ros Rodriguez - Author

Marc Ros Rodriguez is now working as an Author who has come to London to have treatment for a life threatening illness. He is currently working on his autobiography which will be published later this year. He is also working on the production of a film script and a documentary.
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