Internet Battle

As a result of the need by some for transparency in a way which only a President of a country actually needs to suffer I took the step of publishing the facts about my life. I have not mentioned names and will not ever. That is the work of my adversaries who do not hold the same level of respect for human life or dignity.

During the last few days I have received threats to ask me and demand that I stop my publications. That is easy. Once the adversaries remove all publications they have made I will do the same. Its very simple.

Apparently I must apologise to the parties involved? Perhaps those parties should pay the company the money they owe so that that company can pay its debts, apologise to me for all the actions they have taken and written, apologise to the partners in the businesses that have gone bust as a result of their actions, apologise for having threatened to kill me and my family if I dont “follow their instructions” and a big long endless etcetera.

For my part I sincerely apologise to the honrest decent father who regrettably didn’t share with his son the information I had disclosed to him in a very sincere and private manner. That man had the same illusions and enthusiasm as we all did to make this deal work. My past was irrelevant to him and should have been explained to his son by him. That is why I was never going to be a partner or shareholder in the deal. The fact that he didn’t means that he didn’t want his son to know. That is his fathers right and has nothing to do with me. The ball is now in his sons court to act in an honorable manner and make right the unfortunate misunderstandings that have occurred. All our reputations have been damaged by this and many innocent people have suffered unnecessarily. The sad part is that a real transaction may have been destroyed needlessly.

The Bible is clear on this. Dont try to take the splinter from someone else’s eye until you have taken the tree trunk from your own. Hypocrites. All of this was “Needless Destruction”. Never have I ever defended myself on the web until recently and that was only after my families life was physically threatened. If you want it to stop you know what to do.

My life was full enough before 2013 to write many fiction books, I dont need to include this destructive saga to write books.

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Clarification about Grupo Enorg SL debts

When the company that I worked for in Spain realised that it was not going to solve its financial situation as a result of the work done by the son that we have written about in previous blogs the company asked to leave a rental contract it had on a flat in Alicante so that it could recuperate the Guarantee money that was originally paid and use that money to pay some of its outstanding debts. As a result I was told to try to end the contract.

I contacted the man I believed to be the owner and who had signed the contract and was told that no problem. A few days later he said that in fact it was not his flat and that his son owned it!!! The very man who had spent months trying to destroy me and the business I was helping his father build. His father even knew I had been to prison because I had explained it fully to him. When I asked him how to handle his son at the time he explained that when one is older one has more experience and one knows what is important and what isn’t. His son had been involved with us at a first meeting and not since so I understood that he was no longer involved. In any event it was his fathers responsibility to inform his son or not. It was never my decision. It was obvious from the beginning that myself and the son would never see eye to eye. When I was 14 years old I started wok during the four months of holidays we had and paid for part of the cost of my education. Nothing was ever given to me. A man with that background will never see eye to eye with a man who has not experienced such matters.

We started to receive hostile calls in the early hours of the morning (2 am; 4 am; 6 am etc) and eventually we were threatened that if we did not leave the flat (we wanted to leave!!!) then some Rumanians would “deal” with us. That the son would “immediately travel to Alicante during the night to deal with the matter personally”; “Look at the internet to see what I am capable of”; “This will not end like this, my father has trusted a stranger instead of me”; “I have nothing left to lose”. They were threats of such a nature that I immediately informed the company and they informed their lawyers the next day. Those lawyers are currently suing the man concerned for the return of those funds which belong to the company and its creditors. They are also preparing a law suit against this man for harassment and threats of a deadly nature. He even published on his Facebook the “instructions” I was to follow!!! Earlier I wrote that fiction can sometimes be less amazing than real life and again I reiterate that. It was completely obscene especially when one considers that 2 young children were involved and indirectly threatened. I do not believe that this man has any intention of returning the companies funds. I was an employee and have lost my flat (company benefit) and wages as a result of this situation along with all the expenses that I was owed. Other members of staff have suffered similarly as a result of this mans actions. His obsession with the relationship I had with his father has lead him to act in this manner. His father even admitted that they had taken him to a psychiatrist some months ago as a result of his obsession with me. The worst part is the damage he has done to the business I worked for and the staff who are now unemployed as a result. The project we were trying to complete was hard enough as it was without all this!

The worst part is that he believed that I was trying to defraud in some way his father which is absurd considering that the company spent all its money paying his fathers expenses including some flights and tickets to F1 events etc. Amazing actions from someone trying to defraud the father. It was a simple matter of making a good business deal work which would have benefitted everyone. During the phone calls he even played tape recordings of conversations he had with his parents!! Imagine a man who stoops so low that he even records his parents!! One with his Dad said that “he didn’t care what he thought I am going to destroy him one way or another”. With the mother was “I have shown you what this man has done since he was 16” and she replied that “she couldn’t care less provided that he paid the rent”. Remarkable actions from anyone.

He even threatened to publish the video he supposedly made of the meeting in which his own father and his political friends were present. This man has obviously suffered greatly in his life or in his childhood and as a result the fact that I had a good close relationship with his father the son just could not handle it. All we wanted was to leave the flat a long time before he started any of this.  The reason to publish this is by way of background to the title of the book “Needless Destruction”. We were not trying to commit any type of illegal activity. We were introducing two parties together which would have ended up creating hundreds of direct jobs if not thousands of indirect jobs in a country that has such unacceptable unemployment. Not surprising that Spanish unemployment is so high if everyone acts in this way!! Thank God they dont! There are some very decent hard working Spanish people who are suffering as a result of their financial crisis.

My sorrow is for the people who will now have to wait in order to get paid as a result of the actions of this one man and for the children who lost their school as a result. No one can be expected to live in a town where a man like this is roaming loose. I have never been violent and I do not understand violence. I never will.

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Marc Ros Rodriguez – Author – Latest Book “Needless Destruction”

The latest book currently being written by the author Marc Ros Rodriguez and scheduled to be published latest this year is based on a true life experience but written as a fictional novel.

The book is set in Spain. The main character has suffered a serious medical condition and has gone to live in the warm climate of Alicante, Spain in order to recover and recuperate from his condition. Whilst there he rents a flat and becomes friends with who he believes to be the owner of the flat.

I say “who he believes” because in fact it turns out to be the flat he gave as a present to his son.  A deposit is paid as is usual along with a months rent and because the renter is “foreign” and as part of the discrimination shown by certain Spanish people to tourists as a matter of course (the Spanish rely on tourism for most of their GDP) a “guarantee is also demanded!! 15,000 euros is paid for a 2,300 euro a month flat and the contract is signed. The person signing the contract is the father and unbeknown to the renter he does not own the flat which is owned by the son.

The father owns a small industrial company in the Pais Vasco and the two become friends. As their friendship develops the renter explains more of his past and even takes the father with him to a court case he is involved with. It is as if the renter is the son the father has always wanted and the son becomes more and more jealous. As time goes on the renter and his business partner design a scheme that will bring a Formula 1 racing team to the Pais Vasco. The industrialist is friends with an important politician in the region and previously in the Pais Vasco another company had obtained grants to build a Formula 1 team along with the most amazing installation.  All was paid for with government money and ended up with a factory and no team as the company went bust. Quite complicated to do bearing in mind the amount of free backing they had but I guess thats the way it is sometimes.

The three men start to plan a scheme in which the installation can be offered to a first tear F1 team. The renters business partner is friends with a chap who works in the F1 company they are trying to attract and so he arranges a meeting. At the same time its obvios that the renter cannot appear in the negotiations due to his “past” and so all three agree that he will act as a translater and spokesperson and will not participate in any future company. The renter changes his name (legal in the United Kingdom) in order to protect the politician and the industrialist and they all go off to start the meetings and the negotiations.

As time goes by the industrialist and the renter become closer and closer and the son becomes more and more frustrated. He feels that he may lose his inheritance if something goes wrong. What he doesn’t know is that if the deal is successful his inheritance is secure. The one thing that the Pais Vasco does is manufacture amazing products but they cant sell to save their lives. The renter and his partner are of course excellent salesmen.

At this stage they need the help of a carbon fibre specialist and so a fourth man is bought in. The industrialist also involves other specialists and between them they produce a good presentation for the F1 team to consider. The one thing in F1 that makes or breaks a team is their ability to be ahead in aerodynamics. The one thing the Pais Vasco is brilliant at are aviation aerodynamics. If you can make a missile fly you can perfect an F1 car or at least that was the renters view. He thought that by involving the very best aviation aeronautical talent he could create an environment with the most advanced wind tunnels in the world. At the same time this type of facility would attract other big name companies to the area benefitting everyone involved. Whilst everyone involved was working like mad to perfect their parts of the presentation the son was working like mad to destroy the deal hence the title of the book “Needless Destruction”.

The book includes F1, Finance, Personalities of the F1 world, romance, luxury and sadness. Threats, harassment, even people who impersonated police offices to obtain information in an effort to destroy the renter and the people whom he asked to help in the business. It includes the needless destruction of those people along with a fight to expose the truth. That truth will put on trial the Spanish Justice system along with the corruption that is so rife in Spanish politics.

The book will be published later in the year and is set to set many tongues wagging!!!

9th June 2013

Marc Ros Rodriguez – Author

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The pain caused by those repugnant people who impersonate a Police Officer to satisfy their own ends

Police impersonation is an act of falsely portraying oneself as a member of the police, for the purpose of deception. In the vast majority of countries the practice is illegal and carries a custodial sentence.

Impersonating a police officer is sometimes committed in order to assert police-like authority in order to commit a crime. Posing as a police officer enables the offender to legitimize the appearance of an illegal act, such as: burglary, making a traffic stop, or detaining.

Dressing up as a police officer in costume, or pretending to be a police officer for the purpose of play or a harmless prank toward an acquaintance is generally not considered a crime, provided that those involved recognize the imposter is not a real police officer, and the imposter is not trying to deceive those involved into thinking he/she is.

The following impersonations class as the offence:

  • Verbal identification: The imposter announces to the unsuspecting victim that they are a police officer or other law enforcement agent.
  • Fake Badge or Warrant card: The imposter, though not in any special clothes, displays a police-like badge or identification card to the victim. Sometimes a real police officer will not even be able to differentiate between the real and fake badge, as some duplicates are very similar to a real badge, if not identical to one.
  • Fake uniform: The imposter wears a uniform that looks very much like that of a police officer.
  • Fake vehicle: The imposter places police lights (these can be either permanently mounted onto the car or temporary lights magnetically attached to the cartop), decals, siren, or other equipment on a personal vehicle to disguise it as a police car and enable the offender to pass through red traffic lights, bypass traffic other non-emergency traffic would have to wait for, make traffic stops, or even arrests.

Much of the equipment described above is available for purchase by the general public, thereby enabling imposters to obtain the necessary materials to commit such a crime. While the equipment will not bear the name of a specific law enforcement agency, the unsuspecting victim may not notice the difference.

In an extreme case, a Hempstead man set up a fake police station in addition to the above, where he interrogated those he arrested.[1][2]

Some of the following crimes have been committed while impersonating a police officer:[citation needed]

  • Home invasion, by gaining entry under the guise of a police officer, followed by theft from the premises, rapetorture, or in rare cases, murder.
  • Theft and Grand Theft Auto – approaching a victim, explaining that an item or a vehicle is stolen. The impersonator will then seize the “evidence” and never return it.
  • Armed robbery, following a traffic stop
  • Kidnapping following a traffic stop or false arrest
  • Fake authority, in which the officer attempts to extort money from the victim, claiming it is a fine, or can be paid on the spot to avoid further legal consequences.
  • Prank phone calls and other fraudulent / deceptive electronic communications, where one might make a comment about a group that invites retaliation.

History [edit]

Possibly the most famous incident of police impersonation was during the Saint Valentine’s Day massacre, where two hitmen were disguised as police, pretended to arrest seven rival gang members and killed them with two other hitmen. Another famous example is the Utøya massacre in Norway.

References [edit]

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Impersonating a Police Officer

Recently we have seen how one man has been calling people and companies saying that he is a spanish police officer in order to obtain information about companies where i have worked and then publishing this information on internet. This is a very serious offence, more so when he also calls companies based in the UK from Spain which brings an international DIMENSION to the case. if his actions cause the BANKRUPTCY of the targeted people it adds another offence too. the total sentence would be higher than anything i have ever done. Quite remarkable how one man’s obsession can drive him to commit repeatedly offences in order to satisfy his obsession.   

Below are some examples of similar one off cases wheras in his case its a CONTINUOUS offence.

Six months for man guilty of impersonating a police officer

A 23 year old man has been sentenced to six months in prison after being found guilty of impersonating a police officer at Birmingham Magistrates Court on Wednesday 6 July 2011.

Officers arrested the man in February 2011 as part of an investigation into claims a female driver had been pulled over by a man in an unmarked vehicle claiming to be a police officer.

The female was driving along Chester Road, Castle Vale when she noticed a car behind her fitted with blue flashing lights in the front grill. She pulled over but after asking the male for identification became suspicious.

The male drove off and the female alerted a patrolling officer. As part of their investigations officers seized a Lexus motor vehicle which had been fitted with covert police style blue flashing lights.

On Wednesday 6 July 2011 the man was sentenced to six months for this offence.

Acting Superintendent Richard Youds from Birmingham North local policing unit said:

“Impersonating a police officer, however you do it or for whatever reason is a serious offence and we will take action against anyone doing so.

“After suspecting the male may not be a genuine officer the female driver acted in the ideal manner. She did not get out of her car and asked the man for identification. A short time later she alerted a patrolling officer and our investigation began.

“If you have any doubt about the person pulling you over remain in your vehicle and lock your doors. Ask for the officer’s identification and if you are still in doubt remain in the vehicle and call 999.”

This type of offence is repugnant and should be castigated with the full weight of the law. If we cant trust that it is the police in person or on the phone who can we trust? 

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In the last few days, the rough draft of the new Spanish Criminal Code  prepared by the right-wing “PP” Partido Popular, who currently have an absolute majority in the Congress – has been leaked. It contains many disturbing aspects, such as the criminalisation of several forms of peaceful protesting – however, one of the most debated topics has been its treatment of internet piracy.

In short, the new Criminal Code will give Spain what is probably the most restrictive legal framework in any democracy, in terms of internet file-sharing. The two main articles regulating it – articles 270 and 271– impose prison sentences up to four years just for sharing works protected as “intellectual property”. And in sentencing it’s irrelevant whether or not it was done for profit. In other words, uploading movies, TV shows, songs or books, even if it is for free and you are a fan, can get you four years in jail.

Should anybody “facilitate the access” to said works (even if that person did not share the work themselves), the sentence is up to three years. The scary bit here is that the Code doesn’t explain what “facilitate” means in this context. This makes it open to the  interpretation by the judge who in Spanish law is almost “God like”. One example of such a grey-zone would be if Google was considered to be “facilitating” access to “intellectual property” just by making it searchable.

To sell or distribute “intellectual property” that circumvent DRM systems is punished with three years. Additionally the mere possession of such devices is also punished with the same amount of prison. If anybody owns a single copy of these systems (or even a hacked game console), they can end up serving three years in jail. But the most severe punishment is for ‘link pages’. That is, pages that link to copyrighted material. In this case the prison sentence goes up to six years. This six year prison sentence can also be applied to mere uploaders that do not make profit, provided that the number of files shared was “important”. Which means that, if anybody has many “illegal” files on his computer and shares them, he will be threatened with six years in prison.

If all this seems staggering, it becomes even more shocking when we compare these sentences to those applied to other crimes in Spain:

  • If one stabs anybody with cruelty (causing inhuman pain), the maximum sentence is five years.
  • To induce or facilitate the prostitution of minors is only punished with five years.
  • If a Spaniard totally destroys a persons property ending in total bankruptcy, the maximum sentence will be three years.

When comparing the sentences for civil servants, authorities, or politicians, the treatment of internet piracy gets even more absurd:

  • Six years is the maximum sentence a police officer will serve if he tortures a prisoner.
  • A Judge who convicts a person unfairly in a criminal trial can go to jail for four years.
  • Influence peddling which is rife is punished with two years prison.

This being said, it seems absurd for the Spanish Government to declare that internet piracy is the same as torture. They also make it a worse crime than child prostitution, compared to some of the examples above. If we keep in mind that this very government, now acting harshly against piracy, some time ago pardoned some officers who had been convicted of torture. – We could conclude that, for the Spanish Government, internet piracy is worse than torture.

All that said after what I have seen published about me it may well be time to go this far and stop all illegal internet activity with such harsh laws.

At the same time they should stop electing members of their Constitutional Court based on the majority they hold in the Parliament i.e. Political appointments. The same can be said for the “Consejo de Poder Judicial” (also politically appointed) the authority that has overall control of their “God like” Judges. Maybe its time to allow Judicial Independence to take over?

Maybe they should imprison all corrupt politicians whilst they are at it or would that be a step too far? I have just realised why their judiciary cant be independent, if it was the corruption that is so rife in Spain could be bought to account!!!!

8th June 2013 Marc Ros Rodriguez – Author

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Marc Ros Rodriguez – Corrections to information reported on internet

Marc Ros Rodriguez – Author

Marc Ros Rodriguez – Author

Marc Ros Rodriguez – Author

Corrections to internet reports.

History:  When I was nearly 17 years old I left school. I got a job and obtained a mortgage which included a life insurance policy. I had lied about my age and personal data in order to obtain such and a chartered accountant had prepared the necessary paperwork in order to support my application. I paid the mortgage but because I had lied about my age I had broken the law and I was sentenced to prison for having deceived the lender about my age and the other relevant details.

The house was returned to the lender and sold. I was a child (not even 17 years old at the time of the action) and paid for my crime. That was 24 years ago. That sentence was reduced on appeal. The case was notorious because Britain was suffering from a financial crisis at the time and most English people thought it funny that a 16 year old school boy was able to make a mockery of the “City”. As a result I was severely punished for my crime. I have paid my time and it is absurd to be paying for that again and again and again. It is now ancient history. Unfortunately it set in place a domino effect that has affected the rest of my life. As I had a criminal record as a result it was impossible to obtain a job or attend University in any real subject such as law or medicine which are of course regulated.

When I was 29 years old I was in running a chain of estate agents in Altea, Spain which was very successful. I met a new business partner and got involved with a property deal which did not prove to be successful mainly due to the start of the downturn in the Spanish property market. At the same time he wanted to become involved in banking and could not procure sufficient funds to do so. I had been on bail in Spain for many years prior to this pending extradition to the United Kingdom for an old offence and so in 2004 with a change in Government (extraditions require cabinet approval and so are political) I was arrested for the pending extradition. In order to avoid the extradition (if a local charge is pending no extradition can take place until it is cleared up) my then business partner made a complaint against me and I was accused of having deceived my own company (I was a 50% shareholder). I was found guilty and sentenced again to prison this time in Spain. I served my time and made no gane from this offence. It is absurd that I should be made to pay time and time again for previous mistakes which I have already paid for. In fact it is against the Constitutional rights that citizens have in many European countries.

The term “Double Jeopardy” exists to prevent people from being tried twice for crimes. I am tried every day for my past on internet web sites by people who enjoy harassment which is in certain circumstances a crime in its self.

When I finished my sentence for the above crime I was extradited to the United Kingdom and acquitted for the accusation I mentioned earlier that had taken place many years before. As a result of this extradition I had been made to serve 100% of the previous sentence instead of the normal 50%. Again paying double for the crime. In fact the majority of the sentence was served in Solitary Confinement as a result of my having worked with the authorities whilst imprisoned. Spending years without seeing a single person is not a human way to exist. It gives you time to study via distance learning but little else. I obtained two degrees whilst in prison. I have spent over nine years in hell during my life in total (nearly 2 when aged 18; and seven since then. Thats the equivalent of a life sentence in most countries. I have never violently hurt a single human being. Amongst my “heinous”  crimes was not having paid a hotel! I was sentenced in Spain in 1998 to 4 years for that. A six thousand pound bill that I was later acquitted of after having served more than 2 years in hell. I have no faith in the Justice system after having seen it at close hand. I have always paid my bills when I have been able to do so even many months and sometimes years after they have fallen due.

Every man has a right to reinsertion in society and to be punished for his acts. Once that punishment has been completed its over. A person can never be punished again for that same crime. That is the law.

Since then I have been forced to change my name in order to get work. Having such a trial by internet on a daily basis makes it completely impossible to work. In the United Kingdom its perfectly legal to change ones name as many times and as often as one wants. In fact you can change your name for a day and then change it back. Foreign people find this very hard to understand but that is the law in the United Kingdom.

I have been tried and sentenced for my past. I had no choice but to change my name in 2009 from Mark Richard George Acklom because it was impossible to get work due to my past even in a self employed capacity. I have even lodged all name changes with a copy of the relevant passports with a Notary in Spain so as to be as transparent as possible.

Whenever I have become involved in a long term project I have explained the facts about my past to the people concerned. That is my right. Its also their right to accept those facts or to not work with me. Most accept them.

In 2010 I had my children and my life started to change. In 2012 I suffered a life threatening illness. My life changed again. I will not tolerate a life where I am permanently “on trial” by the internet. My condition is such that I can die if I am exposed to extreme stress and so in the end I have seen the need to publish the facts as I am publishing them now. By doing so I hope that people will accept the concept of paying twice and three times for a crime i.e. Double Jeopardy and let the past lie where it should, in the past. Its history. The only thing that is achieved by not letting it lie is that any new business that I become involved in fails and so debts accrue that can never be paid as a result of the failure of that business. That doesn’t help anyone, not me and certainly not the creditors.

Today I write books and try to recover from my illness. This is as a result of the constant harassment I suffer making it impossible to do anything else.

I managed to get work in the internet publicity sector but as a result of the internet reports about me that has also now failed. The prestige of the clients of the company I worked for being associated with my past, quite rightly, caused so much damage to them that they just found another contractor.

The reporting of the names of my innocent children who will have to live with the stigma of my past is repugnant. They are completely innocent and have nothing to do with my past. They go to school and are known for what appears on internet about me and when they are older they will apply for jobs and will spend their lives suffering as a result of the things published about me on internet. That is the worst part of this and that is the reason I will change my name how ever many times it takes in order to protect their privacy.

It is quite legal to change my name and theirs as many times as is required to protect them and to give them a chance in this world. All I ask is that I can be allowed to work in a dignified manner and to recover from my illness and see my children. I ask for no more.

Each time you attack me you destroy the businesses I work with and those in which I become a partner and as a result those businesses are forced to close (the small ones) leaving innocent people without work and the partners and / or my bosses with investment losses. Debts dont get paid and the businesses fail.

All this is created by the so called “righteous” people who love to write about me without ever knowing the facts. Recently I had to explain to my partners that we would have to close an internet business because of my past being associated with it. On that occasion it was extremely sad because the intention of that business was to create profits for a charity and in the end it ended up as a loss. The partner involved who worked tirelessly lost his investment as did I and his charity and family were tainted by their association with me. That is not fair or right. He is a decent man who lost his son to a deadly disease and himself and his family work selflessly to help others with similar stories and hurt. There was no “fraud” or illegal activity involved. Like any business it relied on income. The investment made covered the first months of operations but without income all businesses, even the biggest ones, fail.

A business that is associated with my name will fail by definition. I suffer but that is what you want. What upsets me are the lives of all the innocent people who give their time to make these businesses work and end up unemployed due to your actions. That business failed and a new one was started in its place.

That business has now also failed as a result of the internet reporting by people who are not journalists and who do not abide by the moral code that journalists do. As a result of that failure the lives of the partners who all worked so hard to make that business become a reality have been tainted by my past. The lives of its employees and contractors have been affected. If that is what you want, to hurt innocent people by associating my past with the projects then fine, carry on. All you achieve is to ruin the dreams and illusions of innocent people. One of the partners involved has lost his previous business as a result of all this and his employees now find themselves looking for work. He was also a decent man whose life has been destroyed by this. Even the Spanish chap who pretends to be a policeman has called the airfield where he had his business and tainted his reputation there ending any slim chance he had of surviving. A man who spent his life helping others and teaching disabled children to fly, helping the elderly to keep their hand in by enabling them to teach the young to maintain historic aircraft etcetera. Its not right that he should have his business career ended just because he is my friend. That is obviously a crime in the modern internet age!

I will now stop creating businesses and concentrate on writing books. Those books will, I am sure, be successful and they will follow the moral code that is so important in the unregulated world of internet. Some of those books will be about my life, others about you all and then you will see how publication of facts effects us all.

It is not surprising that so many people ask every day why the internet is not more strictly regulated. One day the internet will be regulated properly to stop this type of activity and the only people who are to blame will be you.

WARNING: The situation is currently so bad that someone has been impersonating the Spanish Police and calling people in order to frighten them into giving him information. That in Spanish law is a very serious crime and is currently being reported so as to stop the individual concerned.

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Marc Ros Rodriguez – Author

Marc Ros Rodriguez is now working as an Author who has come to London to have treatment for a life threatening illness. He is currently working on his autobiography which will be published later this year.

He is also working on the production of a film script and a documentary.

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